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We help you to obtain your crystals by setting and monitoring the crystallization process at a nano-liter scale.

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Detailed knowledge of protein structures has a high value in many scientific aspects. One of the most effective techniques for determining protein structures is X-ray crystallography, which requires high-quality mono-crystals of the investigated macromolecule. Obtaining such crystals is an empirical process and a crucial step on the way to structure determination.

If for any reason crystallization of the protein is not possible or wanted, the structure can be determined with Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) and Single Particle Analysis (SPA). For those techniques, sample preparation is most important and determines the success of the experiment.

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Protein Crystallization Facility

The Protein Crystallization Core Facility sets up and monitors crystallization trials at nano-litre scale to help structural biologists and other interested scientists to progress their work on structural characterization of the proteins and biological complexes of their interest.

Cryo-EM Facility

At Structural Biology Core Facility we can help you with preparing your samples for cyro-EM measurments.

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