About us and mission

About us and mission

Structural Biology Core Facility

About us

Structural Biology Core Facility is located in Krakow, Poland in Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University. We help scientists from Poland and around the world to solve macromolecular structures.


Detailed knowledge of protein structures has a high value in many scientific aspects. One of the most effective techniques for determining protein structures is X-ray crystallography, which requires high-quality mono-crystals of the investigated macromolecule. Obtaining such crystals is an empirical process and a crucial step on the way to structure determination. If for any reason crystallization of the protein is not possible or wanted, the structure can be determined with Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) and Single Particle Analysis (SPA). For those techniques, sample preparation is most important and determines the success of the experiment.

Helping scientists

In SBCF we provide services helping scientists to solve the structure of the protein of interest. We help you to obtain your crystals by setting and monitoring the crystallization process at a nano-liter scale. We can also prepare the refinement screening or set the experiment in anaerobic conditions. The list of our services you can find here. On the other hand for cryo-EM samples, our staff is dedicated to share their knowledge by teaching users how to use vitrification robot. We also help with preparing samples for negative staining imaging or SPA. Most importantly we can also provide our users with individualized tailor-made solutions covering the entire macromolecule structure determination pipeline from the experiment design to structure solving.

Structural Biology Core Facility

Our mission

We consult users, provide access to specialized equipment, and support scientists during sample preparation, data collection, and data analyses.

We are helping scientists to solve the structure of the protein of interest.

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