Tycho NT.6 is available in our laboratory!

March 26, 2019


We have a new equipment open for users to test their proteins in Structural Biology Core Facility laboratory. 

On 12th March new equipment was installed in our laboratory – Nanotemper Tycho NT.6. The device helps to verify the quality of the protein by detecting the changes in fluorescence at 350 nm and 330 nm (fluorescence coming from tryptophan and tyrosine residues in the measured protein). Tycho NT.6 detects inconsistencies between the different batches of the same protein. Such inconsistencies may affect greatly the reproducibility of the results. Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples takes only 3 minutes and the sample volume required is minimal. You can find more about the device HERE.
On the day of device installation, we hosted Nanotemper representative – dr. Jakub Nowak, who led a short lecture titled “Measure protein stability and quality with nanotemper technologies”. Later, dozen of scientist joined a 15 minutes workshop on how to use the device, where they could also right away check the quality of their proteins. Some of the scientists have brought their own samples to quickly test if the quality is similar to the previous batch and if they have been properly stored. Especially some users were interested if freezing hasn’t affected their sample.
We are looking forward to having next new users of the device in our facility.

fot. Anna Salerno-Kochan