Przemysław Grudnik


I studied Biology at the Jagiellonian University and obtained my Master’s degree in 2005, then I became a research scientist at TF Instruments GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany). After short rendezvous with biotech, I resumed my academic career to investigate mechanisms of protein targeting. I obtained my PhD degree in biochemistry in 2012 at Heidelberg University (Germany) under the supervision of Prof. Irmgard Sinning.  Next steps have led me back to Jagiellonian University where I became a post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Biochemistry Biophysics and Biotechnology. Since 2016 I am an NCN Project Leader and since 2018 I hold a position of Deputy Project Leader of SBCF project. My research focuses on the structure and function of metabolic enzymes involved in tumorigenesis.

In free time apart of consulting few start-up biotech companies I bikepack on my gravel bike and try to convince my family that three four bikes is not enough.