1st of March Cryo-EM Meeting

March 7, 2019


SBCF together with Solaris Synchrotron organized the Cryo-EM Consortium Meeting, which took place on 1st of March in Solaris National Synchrotron Radiation Centre in Kraków. The conference brought structural biology specialists from all over Poland and resulted in a fruitful discussion about the recent advances in cryo-electron microscopy field as well as about the mode of operation of “Krajowe Centrum Kriomikroskopii Elektronowej”. 

We have been introduced to the vision and mission of Solaris synchrotron by Prof. Marek Stankiewicz. Next, Prof. Carlo Rizzuto has explained how Solaris and its Cryo-EM centre complement activities and infrastructure of the Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CERIC). Our keynote speaker, Dr Wojciech Galej has provided us with recent scientific breakthroughs using single particle Cryo-EM. After lunch, we continued with short talks by Dr. Piotr Szwedziak and Prof. Paulina Dominiak focusing on the different sub-techniques of Cryo-EM. Next, we got an update on the progress concerning the bio-crystallography beamlines at Solaris by Prof. Wojciech Rypniewski. Last but not least, Dr. Sebastian Glatt provided the mission and vision of the “Krajowe Centrum Kriomikroskopii Elektronowej” and technical details about the recently received microscope. In addition, he presented a detailed mode of operation and suggested operational workflows for different users and techniques. We also led an open discussion session, where we collected suggestions, comments and ideas on how to create, implement and operate a successful national Cryo-EM facility. 
The whole event finished with a guided synchrotron tour. The attendees could have a look on a freshly delivered Titan Krios (still in boxes 😉) and the construction site of the centre. Next to the site, we had an opportunity to celebrate our successful consortium application. 
We especially want to thank our excellent speakers as well as all attendees – your presence helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm helped make our time together both productive and fun.

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